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Sport Field Materials

Northside Trucking produces high quality mixes for use on athletic fields. We produce a ball diamond mix that can be used to build or renovate softball and baseball complexes. Since 1976 municipalities, sports field management companies and golf courses throughout north Georgia continue to experience the quality and dependability of our service and products.

baseball mix

Georgia Sport and Athletic Field Mix

All soils consist of sand, silt and clay. The infield mix is the combination of these components plus any conditioners or additives. It is the right mixture for Georgia weather conditions that makes Northside Trucking the right source for any sport or athletic field materials including:

  • baseball fields
  • golf courses
  • softball fields
  • pitcher's mound mix
  • 100% sand is loose, free flowing and drains well. On its own and dry, sand will produce an unstable and unpredictable surface. However, with the right amount of water it will be firm and playable but forgiving, allowing for sliding and clean ball hops. Consider a beach where the water meets the shore. This area would make a very playable surface.

    golf course sand

    The other two components of soil, silt and clay, have opposite issues compared to sand. When drainage is poor, water puddles which creates slippery areas and causes rain-outs. Also, when clay and silt get too dry they become rock hard, often cracking, creating dangerous hops and possibly injury. These issues can be greatly compounded when clay and silt get compacted due to heavy traffic. If kept at the right moisture level, and properly groomed, clay and silt are very stable and resistant to wear making them ideal for high impact areas.

    All three components are necessary to attain a safe and playable field that is easy to maintain. Please call us with any questions you may have regarding our golf course, infield or sport field mixes.