Bulk Landscape Materials

Landscaping Supplies in Sandy Springs GA

Since 1976 Northside Trucking has been providing Sandy Springs, GA the highest quality landscaping supplies, including all types of mulch, topsoil, dirt, gravel and stone, sand and sports field materials. After 36 years there isn’t much about landscaping supplies that we don’t know. In fact, the only thing our customers appreciate more than our low pricing is our industry expertise!

Our website contains lots of practical information about each landscaping product we sell including some of the primary applications, but if you have any questions we are happy to answer them. Be sure to bookmark our website and check back often!


mulch sandy springs ga

We offer many kinds of mulches including cypress, hardwood, pine bark and dyed mulch. Also stocked are pine nuggets and cypress chips.


topsoil sandy springs ga

Screened topsoil, free of roots, sticks or rocks, is perfect for new lawns or gardens and garden mix for promoting plant growth.


dirt sandy springs ga

Fill dirt for filling holes, depressions and building up areas. Screened fill dirt which has no roots, rocks or leaves for fresh planting.

Gravel and Stone

gravel sandy springs ga

Used in applications from driveways to gardens, our quality gravel and stone include, pea, deco, brown gravel, granite, surge stone and crusher run.


sand sandy springs ga

River, white and granite sand used for all landscaping projects can be found here. Also included is our premium earth food sand mix for soil amending.

Sport Field Materials

sport field mix sandy springs ga

High quality sport field mixes for baseball and softball fields, golf courses and pitcher’s mound mix can all be found here.