Bulk Landscape Materials


  • fill dirt

    Fill Dirt

    Fill dirt is used to fill a hole or depression, or to build-up an area. Fill dirt can provide a lasting solution to level an area whereas filling an area with organic matter will not due to decomposition. Fill dirt is usually subsoil and contains little organic matter or plant sustaining nutrients. Areas using fill dirt should be thoroughly soaked with water to pack the dirt so that an exact evaluation may be made as to the true level of the fill.

    Primary Applications

    Commercial Projects and Landscaping Projects

  • screened fill dirt

    Screened Fill Dirt

    Screened fill dirt is dirt that has gone through the screening process of sifting through the dirt to remove object such as roots, rocks and leaves. Screened fill dirt is a deep, clean, rich topsoil used for filling low or bare spots, planting trees, shrubs and beds or laying down a new lawn.

    Primary Applications

    Commercial Projects, Landscaping Projects, Lawns, Shrubs and Trees